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Shoot your own movie with friends and family

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shoot your own movie
with Friends and Family

Road to Hollywood is a groundbreaking cinematic role-play adventure game that transforms your home into a movie set. Gather your friends and family to direct and star in your own movie using just a smartphone and our intuitive app, which guides you through filming and producing a polished movie. This game is designed for 6-10 players, ages 14 and up, making filmmaking accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


What's in the box?

Unpack a box full of essential filmmaking tools designed to transport you straight to Hollywood. Inside, you'll find production sheets that serve as your guide, mapping out the steps of the movie-making process. Casting cards help distribute on-screen roles, ensuring everyone knows their character. Crew cards assign vital behind-the-scenes duties like makeup, costuming, and location scouting. A detailed shot list is included to assist in filming each scene sequentially. To complete the authentic film set atmosphere, enjoy fun extras like themed tattoos and lanyards that bring a touch of Hollywood glamour to your production.

  • Production Sheets

  • Cast Cards

  • Crew Cards

  • Shotlist

  • Make Up Kit

  • Tattoos and Scars

  • Lanyards

Road to Hollywood Production Sheets
Road to Hollywood Cast Cards
Road to Hollywood Crew Cards
Road to Hollywood Skyline


We believe that everyone should have the chance to experience the magic of movie-making, without the complexities often associated with it. That's why we developed our own app, specifically tailored to simplify every step of the filmmaking process. From directing to editing, our intuitive app guides users through each phase, ensuring that even those with no prior experience can easily create a movie. The app seamlessly integrates with our backend system to automatically edit footage, add music, sound effects, and perform color grading, transforming your raw footage into a polished cinematic masterpiece. This technology not only makes the process straightforward but also guarantees that the end result is a stunning movie that will wow audiences. With 'Road to Hollywood,' we've made filmmaking accessible and enjoyable for everyone, delivering professional-quality results that bring your storytelling visions to life.


On iOS and Android

To maximize your filming adventure, we recommend using the best smartphone available in your group. Our app is compatible with both Android and iOS phones, requiring iOS 13+ or Android 7+ to ensure smooth operation and the best experience.

Road to Hollywood App

About us

Filmevent, the creative force behind Road to Hollywood, has been inspiring people with the magic of filmmaking since 2010. Our journey began a decade ago when we set out to transform ordinary places into extraordinary movie sets and everyday people into stars.


Every year, we bring the magic of Hollywood to life with over 300 immersive events that turn offices into film studios and employees into actors. Our passion for cinema and our commitment to creating genuine, fun experiences are at the heart of everything we do.


With Road to Hollywood, we wanted to share the joy and excitement of filmmaking in a way that's simple, real, and accessible to everyone. Whether it's at a lively event in Switzerland or through interactive gameplay at home, our goal remains the same: to make movie-making enjoyable and inspiring for all.

So join us on this journey, and let's continue to spread the joy of filmmaking together!

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Road to Hollywood Manu

Manuel Jäggi

​Project Director

Manuel coordinates the Road to Hollywood project, ensuring that all the threads come together at the right time. His vision and dedication to excellence keep the project moving forward. As the project's charismatic spokesperson, he brings the excitement of filmmaking to life.

Road to Hollywood Lucca

Lucca Jäger

​Project Manager

Lucca is the mastermind behind the gameplay aspects of Road to Hollywood, ensuring every detail is meticulously handled. His innovative approach brings a fresh perspective to game design, creating an unforgettable experience for all. His creativity  shine through in every element.

Road to Hollywood Till

till wietlisbach

​IT Manager

Till is the tech wizard behind Road to Hollywood, managing all IT aspects of the game. From the app and backend to the auto-editing functions, he's the genius coding away to ensure everything runs smoothly. His expertise guarantees a seamless and enjoyable experience for all.

Road to Hollywood Thom

Thom Seewer

Managing Director

As Filmevent's founder, Thom's visionary creativity and spirit passionately shape unique and immersive filmmaking experiences. Road to Hollywood is the next brainchild, inspired by the desire to make the excitement and joy of movie-making accessible to everyone.


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